The Rare Skills Set is a brand and communications consultancy.

We are a group of creative people with deep and diverse skills gained from many years’ working with national and international organisations. Our objective is to help ambitious businesses stand out and thrive.

Whether you are building your business from scratch, or going through a pivotal period of change, we work with you to define, develop and communicate a strong, consistent identity that will help you sustain long-term business success.

Your business identity needs to appeal to diverse audiences, but it also has to be rooted in reality and reflect what people see, hear and experience daily through ever-changing communication channels and personal contact.

We work closely with the business owner to determine the features, philosophy and behaviours that define their brand, consulting with employees and customers to ensure authenticity and relevance.

We develop messages that accurately communicate your purpose, values and offer as well as an insight into the factors that make you unique. Then we bring those messages to life through stimulating words and images.

We also help more established organisations to connect with their people, improving recruitment, engagement and performance through a process of exploration, discovery and communication.

Here you’ll find a clear indication of what we believe, what we do and how we do it.