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‘I am not a number.’

I think you’ll find you are. Like grazing animals we pull with seemingly insatiable hunger at the rich green grass that is Big Data. It’s the new panacea, probably with another weird language that people will be eager to learn in order to demonstrate easy familiarity. A few years ago, the potential presented by global […]


What the employer brand means to us

At The Rare Skills Set our focus is on how an employer brand can best be managed to secure attention, interest, retention, engagement and loyalty – of candidates, employees, suppliers and customers. How much importance do you attribute to yours? How much time, resource and money do you invest in it? Is it seen as […]


Anyone can run a focus group – can’t they?

Many’s the time an eager, articulate but otherwise ill-equipped and typically junior person in an advertising agency, is sent off, on behalf of a client organisation, to ‘do a couple of focus groups and find out … (complete the rest)’. It’s dangerous behaviour and wholly unprofessional – but ‘surely it can’t be any more complicated […]