Getting your ducks, eagles, swans, flamingos, cranes and parrots in a row

Whilst the chances of ever seeing this lot flying in formation are extremely slim, you can nonetheless imagine Sir David Attenborough’s enthusiastic description of the characteristics of each bird.

But how mind-bogglingly complex his narrative would have to be to explain the inter-relationships that led to the different species taking off together on a common journey.

Yet in every organisation in the land, people with very different personalities, backgrounds, appearances and perspectives come together every day to work towards a set of shared objectives.

Quite how successful they are in their endeavours depends on their belief in the organisation, their understanding of its purpose, their support for its mission and their trust in its leaders.

They also need to be very clear about the part they are meant to be playing and confident in their ability to deliver, even if it means going a little bit further or faster than they are used to.

To bring a myriad of different personalities together in an organisation and keep them all going in the same direction requires consistent and accurate communication of who you are, why you are there and what you believe in. It also requires regular confirmation to individuals of where and how they fit in and how well they’re doing.

All of which requires a very clear view of your own organisational identity.