‘I am a sheep’

Dressed to the nines and focused entirely on self – but a sheep nonetheless.

… I think we should get real about the ‘celebrity industry’:‘ by association’ designers, models, musicians, actors, nothings-in-particular, doing it off the back of mum/dad/wife/husband/sister – who had at least a modicum of talent.

All too many of today’s batch are descendants and affiliates of an existing elite. They have a ready-made coterie … an informal but rigorous club of high profile ‘friends’ of similar backgrounds prepared to support and endorse, with money and mouth. Not because they know the output is good, but because they need to be part of a group – and because they haven’t had to work for the money and so have no idea of value.

If there are enough of them willing to flash the cash and convince each other that this really is what good looks like, then good it is and let’s all have some so that we can keep up with the Nouveau Joneses, stay in the club, and through the likes of every conceivable social media, gather an adoring following of unquestioning mere mortals prepared to hang on the coat tails and emulate fit to burst!

Smoke and Mirrors; Emperor’s New Clothes… call it what you will, it isn’t real.

But what is particularly worrying is how some of the ‘educated middle classes’ in certain areas of ‘Middle England’ are prepared to indulge the next generation and allow them to follow suit (providing they work hard and pass their exams which many are encouraged to do through frenzied tutoring from an early age).

That so many of them arrive in the workplace with an entitlement attitude but unable to function, possibly because they have spent most of their lives to date texting ‘OMG – guess who I just saw?’ and posting pictures of ‘me chilling out in a hammock’, is seemingly a cause of great surprise to one and all.

But they’ve got to get real at some point – if only to be able to pay for the iPhones, the Beats, the hammocks et al, when the river of money from Hobbitland dries up.

I do wonder what the generation beyond them will (have to) be like. The mind boggles. But then again, what goes around, comes around ‘Twas ever thus.

(Note: I have no data to substantiate this either. But do we really need any?)

(Image by courtesy of Seniorark)