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‘Why do we do what we do?’ – Identity

The Importance of Having an ‘Identity’: Having explored the concept of identity in past blog entries, we wanted to apply some of that discussion and the concepts that were generated, to this first topic within the research exercise. Identity is crucial, not just for the individual, but for organisations as well. It is complex, multi-faceted […]


What’s in a name?

What you call your business is just as important as what it does. Your name needs to stand out, appeal to the right people and indicate what you do and how you do it differently. There are countless stories of how famous brand names came about: • Richard Branson named his record company Virgin, because he […]


Getting your ducks, eagles, swans, flamingos, cranes and parrots in a row

Whilst the chances of ever seeing this lot flying in formation are extremely slim, you can nonetheless imagine Sir David Attenborough’s enthusiastic description of the characteristics of each bird. But how mind-bogglingly complex his narrative would have to be to explain the inter-relationships that led to the different species taking off together on a common […]