The art of communication

Design, colour, style, images, texture, themes, messages, materials, media – all have a massive impact on how we view an organisation.

As a result, more often than not, the creative development phase of a brand development project is considered the most exciting and significant bit. Far more so than the more fundamental discovery stage that provides all the facts and nuances that lead to an authentic and relevant interpretation.

A few years ago we decided to base our brand consultancy not in an office, but in an art gallery.

This provides a visually inspiring environment in which to work. It also provides an excellent opportunity to find out what ‘the person in the street’ responds to, while helping them to liven up their walls.

Clients have found it a very useful stimulus when starting to talk about how their organisation might be portrayed or the most appropriate colour palette. It certainly helps them to see the need for careful consideration of all the facets of communication and why it is important not to rush into hasty decisions based on personal likes and dislikes.

Driven by a need for more space, six months ago we opened the Rare Skills Gallery in the thriving East Sussex village of Forest Row.

So if you find yourself on the A22 just South of East Grinstead, come in and see us – whether to talk about how we can help you develop your brand, or to find some uplifting pictures to brighten up your office.

You can find out more about the Rare Skills Gallery at