What we do

To achieve and sustain success, an organisation – large or small, and at any stage in its development – needs to be able to talk honestly and consistently about ‘Who we are, what we do, why we are here and what we stand for’.

We work with you at critical stages in your evolution from emerging business through growth and change, enabling you to recognise, articulate and communicate the purpose, values and behaviours that make you particularly attractive to customers, clients, employees and suppliers.

How we do it

We develop bespoke Discovery Programmes that gather information from employees and customers, as well as reviewing the activity of competitors and the marketplace as a whole. The insights gained enable us to define the different elements of your brand and how best to promote them.

We then progress to the creative development of your visual identity – the logo, colour palette, typeface, imagery and overall look and feel which provide an attractive yet authentic reflection of who you are.

At the same time we develop the supporting messaging which will drive highly creative communications that are precisely targeted to your various audiences. We subsequently develop brand guidelines which ensure that all future communications outputs are consistent and ‘on message’..

If you wish, we can train your employees in how to ‘bring the brand to life’. We can also provide all the materials and guidance that enable a ‘do it yourself’ approach to the Discovery phase – which appeals to larger organisations because it reduces costs while up-skilling employees.