What we do

To achieve and sustain success, an organisation – large or small, and at any stage in its development – needs to be able to talk honestly and consistently about ‘Who we are, what we do, why we are here and what we stand for’.

We work with you at critical stages in your evolution from emerging business through growth and change, enabling you to recognise, articulate and communicate the purpose, values and behaviours that make you particularly attractive to customers, clients and suppliers – and also, when relevant, to potential employees.

How we do it

We develop bespoke Discovery Programmes that gather information and reveal insights that facilitate the design and articulation of a unique brand identity and drive highly creative, precisely targeted, communications.

We can facilitate a full end-to-end service, providing the initial consultancy to define and understand the different elements of your brand and how to utilise them, through creative development of your visual identity and the supporting messaging, to developing brand guidelines which ensure that all future communications outputs are consistent and ‘on message’.

Alternatively we can provide the support materials and guidance that enable you to ‘do it yourself’. This approach appeals to larger organisations because it reduces the financial outlay whilst encouraging up-skilling of their own people. And although we love being involved with creative development (‘words and images’) we are relaxed about briefing and working with your existing providers if you prefer.

When we do it

First and foremost, at the very emergence of the business – and definitely before the company logo has been designed! Do that before thinking about the reality of your brand and you will be rebranding in two years’ time.

Thereafter, we can have a valuable part to play at any significant stage in the development of your business…there are certain times when this type of work is not just relevant but, arguably, essential:

  • When you take on permanent employees
  • When you change location – or expand into several locations
  • When you go through a phase of significant, fast growth
  • When you broaden your target customer/client base
  • When you radically change/upscale your service/product offering
  • When you change the status of the business
  • When you merge with/acquire another business
  • When a change in the economy has an impact (positive/negative)
  • When a new competitor makes significant inroads
  • If you find you are struggling to attract or retain good people