How Do We Work?

  • We meet with the owner, CEO or MD to shape the brief – goals, objectives, outputs and outcomes.
  • We develop a consulting programme plan and design the necessary materials, guides and activities.
  • We talk to the senior management team, employees, customers and relevant third parties.
  • We undertake depth interviews, focus groups, informal discussions, workshops, online questionnaires as necessary.
  • We review the data, analyse it thoroughly and produce a comprehensive report.
  • We transition our findings into clear fact-based recommendations – such as a choice of relevant names or how the identity would benefit from a refresh.
  • We develop a matrix of  targeted messaging for different audience groups.
  • We work with designers to develop logos, identities and on-going communications that capture the imagination.
  • We prepare Brand Identity Guidelines and select and coach Brand Guardians.
  • We work with managers and employees to bring the brand to life in the organisation.
  • We design and implement measures to determine improvement and success.


Briefing, planning, scoping and materials


Consulting, research, analysis and reporting


Brand Identity and message development


Brand Identity management and evolution