What Makes Us Different?

No two organisations are the same. Much of what makes us all so different is down to philosophy and culture – two vital elements of a brand and, arguably, the most difficult to define.

What makes us different is high levels of curiosity and open minds, both of which are backed up by a lot of experience…in short, we’ve been around the block a few times.

We know that we won’t get to the root of who you are and what makes you tick by trotting out the same old questions… if we do, you’ll give us meaningless sound bites. What we are looking to secure are insights – and they require attentive listening, careful analysis and sharp focus.

So whilst we develop a process that will guide how we work with you and ensure we work logically and to time, everything else is bespoke.

Equally, we don’t start the creative development process by switching on a Mac. We start with at least two people working with the insights gained to evolve a concept.

We use a variety of resources: Paper, Pens and Magic Markers; Knowledge, Research and Imagination. We take time. We think. We discuss. We share. We involve.

And we don’t recommend anything until we are confident that we understand what you are all about.

We show you nothing that we don’t believe to be right…and nothing that we cannot be proud of.


Image: ‘Flying South’ by Andrew Redden

While you would be very unlikely to see all of this lot flying South for the Winter together, it does make you think about how successful organisations enable different individuals to all travel in the same direction. It also highlights the need for an organisation’s identity to reflect not just the diversity of its people, but what they collectively achieve.