A. Package Options

Description Price indicator
1. Brand Definition for emerging businesses Aimed at: Owner-managed, emerging/start-up businesses. Comprises: Consultation with owner; Marketplace review; Brand identity development; Creative concept development. £2,000-£3,500
2. Brand evaluation and development for growing or changing businesses Aimed at: Small businesses going through their first significant period of growth or change.                                                                                                                                 Comprises: Consultations with: Owner/Management team, Employees/associates, Clients/customers, Suppliers; Marketplace review; Brand identity development; Creative concept development.   £7,500 – £15,000

B. Rates

Description Day rate Package price
1. Consultancy Project planning and design, materials design, advisory £650-£850
2. Project management £500-£750 N/A
3. Project co-ordination £450
4. Desk research, analysis and reporting £500
5. Depth Interviews (multiples of 4; telephone or face-to-face) Includes: development of discussion guide, participant liaison, interviews, individual reports, collective report/presentation on findings and conclusions  £1,500
6. Online Questionnaires Example: x 3 sections; x 30 questions; multiple choice responses Includes: questionnaire design, hosting, data capture, findings log, summary report/presentation on collective findings and conclusions  £5,000
7. Focus Groups (multiples of 4; 90 minutes per group) Includes: development of session plan; liaison with client/location; participant liaison in advance; moderator & scribe; reporting/presentation (findings, analysis and conclusions)  £3,000
8. Competitor Reviews (multiples of 4) Includes for each competitor: desk based research, materials review, report on findings and conclusions, collective summary presentation on overall conclusions  £2,500
 For an accurate quote on a specific project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.