What the employer brand means to us

At The Rare Skills Set our focus is on how an employer brand can best be managed to secure attention, interest, retention, engagement and loyalty – of candidates, employees, suppliers and customers.

How much importance do you attribute to yours?

How much time, resource and money do you invest in it?

Is it seen as a one-off exercise, or continuous endeavour?

We can work with you to help you understand, shape, articulate, deliver and manage your Employer Brand to best competitive advantage.

It’s now widely accepted that it is not a badge or an aspiration; it’s the reality that comes from a combination of factors – purpose, philosophy, attitude, behaviours, dynamics – that makes it ‘the way it is, for all of us, here’.

And whilst all of those components can arguably be condensed into a proposition statement and given the creative treatment that provides the badge – ‘nothing will come of nothing’, as King Lear said.

Without knowing the balance of ingredients that constitute your EB, the provenance of those ingredients and, as a result of that concoction, how your EB manifests – you won’t be able to articulate it accurately.

Nor will you be able to deliver on it consistently, improve it or evolve it – for evolve it you will have to as it is at the mercy of external forces just as much as it is within your control.

‘Employer Branding’ is a misnomer.

‘Employer Brand Management’ is more like it.