• … responsible for a successful and growing SME
  • … either running the business yourself, or part of the management team
  • … trying to keep ahead in a highly competitive marketplace
  • … starting to employ more people
  • … worried that you can’t keep up with demand
  • … finding it hard to delegate
  • … needing the business to grow
  • … thinking about diversifying
  • … struggling with recruitment – and/or staff retention
  • … starting to get the occasional customer complaint
  • … not winning as many pitches as you used to
  • … keen to keep your overheads down but…
  • … aware that you can’t do everything yourself and need professional support
  • … concerned that the way your business looks (‘brand identity’) no long represents the reality of what it is


Struggling to meet demand

Keen to grow the business

Considering diversification

Recruitment and retention issues

Customer complaints on the increase