Who we are

We are a community of people with a range of complementary skills, united by an interest in effective communication facilitated by creativity.

Combining age, experience, enthusiasm and freshness, some of us have been working in brand development for 20+ years.

Others are part of  a newer generation – young contributors with great minds, a keen interest in the topic and hungry to learn and experience more. We challenge, help and respect each other.

We call ourselves a community because our business structure relies on a central core of employees who are supported, where the need arises, by a team of carefully chosen specialists who we refer to as associates.

Between us we provide expertise in brand identity, strategy and development, qualitative research, communications programme planning, creative development, execution and management.

Throughout our careers we have managed projects for many well-known organisations across virtually every sector.

Whatever our backgrounds we share a belief in the importance of getting it right.