Who we are

Nick Holker and Sue Redden.

We first met 35 years ago in a B2B advertising agency. Since then, we’ve spent our professional lives helping organisations communicate effectively.

We’ve each worked for a number of London-based advertising agencies and consultancies and for over seven years, ran Peer Group Communications, helping  national and international organisations establish and sustain a strong reputation as an employer.

With the Rare Skills Set, which we established in 2014, we have helped a variety of emerging and growing SMEs shape their identity and grow their brand.

Deliberately scaling the business down, our sole intention now is to do good work for serious SMEs, one project at a time. We work together, bringing in designers, digital experts  and other specialist suppliers, when we need them.

All of which means you get our joint attention… and at a competitive price too, because we work from home and so our rates do not have to accommodate high overheads.

So – for you, a wealth of knowledge and experience that delivers immeasurable value for a highly competitive price; for us, the satisfaction of knowing we can do a really good job… one client at a time.