Our Associates

The nature of what we do requires us to provide a wide range of specialisms and expertise that we could neither accommodate nor sustain on a permanent basis.

And we wouldn’t want to. Not because we are cheapskates – although the overhead costs would undoubtedly be eye-watering – but more because some of the characteristics we look for are seldom found amongst those who are wedded to the safety of permanent employment in a predictable environment, where every project that comes in has to ‘fit in with the way we do things around here.’

We like maturity: people who’ve been round the block a few times, whose life experience is considerable, whose work experience is broad, whose staying power is dependable and whose ability to work as part of a team is unquestionable. People who know their own skills and are comfortable in their own skin.

But we also like free spirits and independent minds: people who can row their own boat, think clearly, take decisions, manage their time, go wherever they need to be and see opportunity in the unpredictable.

Above all though, they are familiar with the many worlds of work, from many different perspectives. Their understanding of people and what makes them tick has come from an innate sense of curiosity; their observation skills are insightful and their ability with words inspiring.

We know them well, we value their knowledge – and we relish their company.