Martin Webber

Associate Graphic Designer

Martin runs his own company, Martin Webber Graphic Communications.

Martin’s designs have always stood out: he was head hunted for his first job on the strength of his final degree exhibition, designing the monthly magazines Interior Design and Furnishing International for two years.  He then progressed through a variety of jobs within graphic design agencies and in-house design departments before taking the plunge and setting up his own agency.

Across his career, Martin has created graphic design for everything from hand driers to helicopters. But he doesn’t just create striking images: he works with his clients to understand their business imperatives, unique strengths and ambitions to build a brand that will deliver for them, even successfully suggesting new names to boost recognition and loyalty.

Working for the Port of London led to Martin providing comprehensive design services for a number of national and international conferences.  He specialises in conference design, and has an astute understanding of the complex project management required to dovetail all the design elements to hit the immovable conference deadline.

With a wealth of experience, Martin has always been ahead of the field.  He was one of the first graphic designers to realise the game-changing significance of the arrival of computers, and made sure his agency led the way.  It is this ability to spot trends, fashions and new developments that means he continues to deliver designs that are fresh, relevant and stand the test of time.


A logo should be easily recalled after just a glance. A glance, after all, is typically all your logo is going to get from most people.

Nowadays, a lot of the logos we see have been overly stylized. A logo that is complex, fussy and entails multiple parts and pieces is difficult for the viewer to “get” and, as a consequence, easily forgotten.