Andy Redden

Design and Branding Consultant

Having spent the first twenty years of my professional life marketing organisations as employers, I learned the importance of brand values not only to potential but, just as importantly, to existing employees.

I am passionate about brand development and have been fortunate enough to have worked with, amongst others, British Airways, Tesco, Halifax and Accenture during intense periods of corporate change and development.

A brand is a life form, constantly changing and evolving. Its people should be at the forefront of understanding both its vision and values.

In the modern world it is easy to take for granted that a brand’s values as an employer will automatically match those seen by its customers and vice versa. So, it is vital for an employer to have an accurate, up-to-date understanding of its attributes.

Social networking and ongoing advances in communications channels have accelerated the importance of shared vision and strong value sets. News travels fast and an organisation’s employees have become the strongest purveyor of its brand values.

As well as working with and developing long-established brands across most industry sectors, I have also created new corporate images and guidelines for start-up businesses and major organisations.

I have always used a pencil and paper when conceptualising and producing initial design work… and I always will.

As an artist I have held several successful one-man exhibitions including RHS Hampton Court and Tatton Park. I have built a successful business selling my original artwork and prints both as commissions and through galleries and via my website

In 2006 I created the Willostix cricket brand. From a standing start it became one of the most respected equipment companies in a very challenging market, consistently winning awards for innovation and design.