Sue Redden


Professional challenge and motivation for me comes from applying skills to emerging and growing businesses which need support understanding their brand: how to define it, why its important, and how to manage it through growth and change.

At 19, at the start of a planned ‘gap year’, I joined an advertising agency in London. For the next 25 years…

I worked in several agencies in roles spanning client account management, research and planning and agency management. Energy, curiosity and a talent for analysis, combined with a powerful imagination and appreciation of creativity, proved to be a skill set that attracted stimulating clients.

With young children, I continued to work full time from home. I ran a business designing innovative ways of  bringing talent into the advertising industry and providing the induction and core skills training they needed to secure a flying start.

In 2007, Nick Holker and I started Peer Group Communications. Based in Clerkenwell with a team of eight, we worked on brand-related projects for national, international and global organisations, designing and delivering discovery and communication programmes here and abroad.

In 2013 Nick and I chose to ‘go local’, and set up The Rare Skills Set, deliberately focussed on emerging and growing business in the South East. We also run The Rare Skills Gallery in Forest Row.


‘Having discovered the reality of their  brand, which can often prove different from their perception or aspiration of what it should be, organisations often need help in either changing or managing it to positive effect.’

‘It’s much easier to define and manage your brand and its identity if you don’t have any employees. Once people are on board, it’s far less easy to manage, particularly if there is no brand management framework.’

‘Most businesses are started by people with a strong idea and burning ambition. An immediate priority  is to agree the name, design a logo and build a website – with little thought to the actual brand and what will make it unique and sustainable.’

Sector experience: Aeronautical; Automative; Banking; Chemicals; Engineering; Food Products; Hospitality; Insurance; IT; Pharmaceutical; Professional Services; Retail.